To slake my need for sincerity, I’ve finally seen Angels in America. I am so done with cynicism. We need more media that isn’t afraid to be open and honest, […]

Among the cliches that often turn up on lists of novel openings to avoid is the car ride. I don’t know about you, but speaking as a reader, that isn’t […]

Battleship Potemkin aside, the Soviet Union has not gone down in history as a great creator of culture.  The Western perception is generally that the USSR couldn’t produce great movies because […]

Disney’s 75-year canon is so cohesive that sometimes it’s hard to remember that these various films were made decades apart in drastically different social environments. Both the culture as a […]

[Trigger warning for discussion of rape and sexual violence.  Spoiler warning for Garth Ennis’ Battlefields Vol. 1.] One key decision I made while writing Among the Red Stars was the […]

Today I’m going to discuss a real writing problem I’ve run into for which I have no solution. Filler is bad.  This I trust to be a universally recognized fact.  […]

Critics are used to being able to state nearly any media-related opinion with some degree of immunity, but there is one pitfall that they fall into with surprising regularity: Making […]