How Auteur Theory Protects Abusers

In the midst of the current purge of sexual harassers from Hollywood, a few people have noticed a glaring exception: Why has Woody Allen escaped unscathed? He’s a known abuser […]

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for: another round up of my appearances around the web! LILbooKlovers interviewed me about history, the writing process, and what it’s like being a […]

The Chimera

Picasso had a minotaur; Max Ernst had a bird named Loplop; Carrington had a white horse; Fini had a sphinx. Half the fun of being an old-school modern artist was […]

Among the Red Stars is on shelves now, but I still have loads of great guest posts to share with you! At Harper Stacks, I discuss the challenges of writing […]

Here it is, one last round-up of guest posts before the big day! Epic Reads featured Among the Red Stars on their list of Historical Fiction for People Who Don’t […]

How Long Is A YA Novel?

In my spare time I like to critique queries, and one of the curious things I’ve noticed is that the most concrete parts of the query are often the most […]

It’s that time again! Here’s what I’ve been doing around the web. First, I joined Mindy McGinnis on Writer, Writer, Pants On Fire to discuss¬†Among the Red Stars’ amazing cover, […]

Heroic Statues

There really is no meaningful controversy surrounding the equestrian statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville: Lee fought a treasonous and losing war in defense of an abhorrent institution. Every […]

Giveaways Everywhere!

It’s raining giveaways! First, I’m hosting a Twitter giveaway for an advance copy of C. V. Wyk’s fantastic YA historical, BLOOD AND SAND! You don’t want to miss this tale […]