Gwen Katz

Heroic Statues

There really is no meaningful controversy surrounding the equestrian statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville: Lee fought a treasonous and losing war in defense of an abhorrent institution. Every […]

Giveaways Everywhere!

It’s raining giveaways! First, I’m hosting a Twitter giveaway for an advance copy of C. V. Wyk’s fantastic YA historical, BLOOD AND SAND! You don’t want to miss this tale […]

It’s that time again: A round-up of my various appearances around the web.¬†Among the Red Stars comes out in under three months, so expect to see a lot of it […]

It’s time for another round-up of guest posts¬†from around the internet! On Brittany’s Book Rambles, I discussed the inspiration behind Among the Red Stars, and also tried to be funny. […]

Nancy Drew

In 1905, pioneering child psychologist G. Stanley Hall made the following statement in response to the growing trend of girls reading the budding genre of kids’ adventure novels: The danger […]

I’ve been busy around the internet this week. Here’s a quick round-up of guest posts I’ve written for other blogs. On the aptly-named Flying Through Fiction, I discussed the Night […]