Save the Pearls Readthrough (Part I)

Today we begin our readthrough of the extremely wrongheaded YA novel Save the Pearls, which purports to be an anti-racist parable but ends up being offensive to just about everyone. We […]

Last time, I discussed the new film version of Les Misérables and its context in the history of the novel, the musical, and the proliferation of other adaptations.  This time, […]

Now the holly bears a berry as white as the milk, And Mary bore Jesus, who was wrapped up in silk: And Mary bore Jesus Christ our Saviour for to […]

Previously I presented my Mary Sue test, a (hopefully) more nuanced version of the many internet quizzes that help beginning authors determine if their characters are too unrealistic.  Today, however, […]

The Mary Sue, as a concept, is a useful but oft-misapplied tool.  Its utility, I think, is primarily that it is a way to teach inexperienced writers about context, framing, […]