Short Fiction

Dates 2: Progress

Dates 2 is an anthology of historical fiction comics that showcases queer characters and experiences throughout the ages outside of the context of tragedy. This is a book that doesn’t rewrite history, but instead reframes it so that the spotlight is on people who are all too often ignored.

My contribution to Dates 2 is “The Ibex Tattoo,” a tale of female warriors, chronic illness, and the power of storytelling set in ancient Scythia.

This anthology is available for preorder.

All’s Fair

A teen girl in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands must decide what she believes in and whether it’s worth the cost.

This story appeared in the September 2017 issue of Likely Red literary magazine.
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The House of Fear, or, Loplop Introduces the World

When 19-year-old Leonora Carrington runs away to France with a married artist twice her age, she doesn’t know that she’ll end up in a Spanish mental asylum and he in a concentration camp. Follow her on an interactive journey of art, love, and alchemy based on real events.

This game is free to play.
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