Full name: Valentina Sergeevna Koroleva
(pronounced KorolYOva)

Age: 18

Rank: Junior lieutenant

Position: Pilot

Tomboyish teen pilot Valka grew up breathlessly following the adventures of the Soviet Union’s celebrity aviators. When she enlists, she has her sights set high: She wants to become a fighter ace. Being assigned to the night bombers instead feels like a snub—but it could become her big chance to prove herself.


Full name: Iskra Ivanovna Koroleva

Age: 21

Rank: Junior lieutenant

Position: Navigator

Valka’s sensible cousin can usually be found buried in maps and calculations when she isn’t curling her hair or embroidering flowers onto her footwraps. She’s quite sure Valka would be helpless without her. If only she could escape her past…


Full name: Pavel Kirillovich Danilin

Age: 17

Rank: Redarmyman (equivalent to private)

Position: Radio operator

Shy, quiet Pasha would rather be singing or tinkering with his homemade crystal radio than fighting. He leaves the heroics to his childhood friend and longtime crush, Valka. But that doesn’t prevent him from getting caught up in a mission bigger than either of them.