Archetypes are ubiquitous, yet misunderstood. All writers innately know how to use archetypes, yet many don’t realize that’s what they’re doing and don’t understand how they fit into literature as […]

Critics are used to being able to state nearly any media-related opinion with some degree of immunity, but there is one pitfall that they fall into with surprising regularity: Making […]

My previous two posts discussed the art of providing helpful criticism.¬† This time, I’ll be discussing the author’s side of the process: How to receive criticism so that you get […]

Last time, I discussed the different types of criticism and how your methods should vary accordingly.¬† This time, I’ll discuss general rules that you should always follow when critiquing someone […]

Everyone’s a critic. This is a shame, because not everyone is good at it. ¬†Everyone has an opinion and seems to think that, not only are all (or, at least, […]