How Auteur Theory Protects Abusers

In the midst of the current purge of sexual harassers from Hollywood, a few people have noticed a glaring exception: Why has Woody Allen escaped unscathed? He’s a known abuser […]

The Nerd Canon

The new Wonder Woman trailer dropped this week, bringing us that much closer to the first movie out of this generation of superhero film to star a woman. Meanwhile, despite […]

It’s a curiosity that Star Wars and Star Trek are so often grouped together when they’re so patently different in themes, appearance, and format. The differences can be obvious or […]

For most of us, a haircut is a periodic necessity, but in fiction, haircuts only happen to make a statement. Being an appearance-related story element, the use and connotations of […]

(The following post is based on this Twitter discussion. It contains minor spoilers.) For such a major release, the reception of The Force Awakens has a surprising lack of contention. […]

The principle of tinkering with something isn’t to rag on something bad, but to look at something that might have been good but missed the mark, or that we wanted […]

I don’t like princess stories. I don’t like princess stories even if the princesses kick ass, even if they reject their princessy obligations and just want to lead normal lives, […]

So if you follow me on Twitter, you may have picked up some vague hints that I kinda liked Mad Max: Fury Road. And you may have guessed that I […]