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The new Wonder Woman trailer dropped this week, bringing us that much closer to the first movie out of this generation of superhero film to star a woman. Meanwhile, despite […]

Many people in the YA community were less than enthused when the Locus Awards announced their 2016 finalists. The YA finalists were all men, one of whom was nominated twice, […]

You’ve seen her in every historical adventure or fantasy film you’ve ever watched: The plucky female character who wears pants, refuses to get married, and shares her outspoken opinions about […]

(The following post is based on this Twitter discussion. It contains minor spoilers.) For such a major release, the reception of The Force Awakens has a surprising lack of contention. […]

This article was originally posted at Feminist Borg. They look like us, but they are not us.  They have powers we don’t understand.  They don’t trust us.  We don’t trust […]

When Pacific Rim came out, many sources praised it for its progressive representation: The presence of non-American, non-white characters in heroic roles and, in particular, Mako Mori, a Japanese woman, […]

(This article was originally posted on Feminist Borg.) You may have seen this comic that was floating around Tumblr a few months ago.  I haven’t been able to locate the […]

My previous post was a bit wandering, so here’s the point in brief: You can’t make exceptions for one thing or another just because you really like them.  You can’t […]