Stranger Things, the Platonic ideal of contemporary 80s nostalgia, burst onto the scene back in July to instant popularity and very little critical examination. Thereafter, it has rapidly assumed a […]

Three Weak Conflicts

Conflict makes or breaks a story. A strong conflict grabs readers and keeps them engaged; a weak conflict leaves them bored and uninvested. Very often, when readers love the premise […]

What's So Great About Supergirl

Supergirl debuted into a crowded field of superhero television to good reviews but an underwhelming audience response. As it gears up for season 2, let’s take a look at why […]

This post is part of the Writers Write All Blog Hop hosted by A Writer Named Charley. Thank you for organizing, Charley. One of the hardest shifts I had to […]

It’s a curiosity that Star Wars and Star Trek are so often grouped together when they’re so patently different in themes, appearance, and format. The differences can be obvious or […]